Embedded Consulting specializes in scientific software development in C++, embedded  Linux and technical project management. It was founded in 2017 by Per Thomas Hille an currently employs 2 persons.

About The Founder

My name is Per Thomas Hille, born 14.July 1972. I hold a PhD in experimental nuclear physics from CERN and I have also worked as a Post-Doc/scientist at Yale University stationed at CERN. During my academic career I have mainly worked with the implementation of analysis software with C++ as programming language. I have also been responsible for control systems based on embedded Linux and C/C++.  I have writeen the control system for one of the detectors at CERN (the Photon Spectrometer of the ALICE experiment ) which is still in use today. I have also written analysis software for the trigger system.

After I came back to Norway in 2010 I have mainly worked in the consulting business. First for DataRespons, then for Conseptos Consulting, and currently for my own consultancy company. The main focuses has been Technical project management, Scientific SW development manly, but not limited to C++. Currently I am working with control systems based on embedded Linux based on ARM and C++ as a langauge. Pleas refer to my CV on this site for details.

I consider myself to be a polyglot. In addition to C++ I also gave experience with most other programming languages such as for instance Java, C# and Python. I have also taken several courser in machine learning and AI at Coursera.