Useful VS code keyboard shortcuts

VS code keyboard shortcuts

ActionKey combination
Select all instances of a wordCTR + SHIFT + L
Move single line up and downmark the line. Press ALT then use up/down arrows
Format selected codeCTRL +K , CTRL +F
Format all code on current open fileCTR + A
Select next instance of the currently marked word,a and add it to the list of selected wordsMark the first instance of the word, then press CTRL+D for each word
Mark verticallyMark the first line of the selection.
Press SHIFT + ALT. Then mark the next line
Move one word rightCTRL+ RIGHT arrow
Move one word leftCTRL+ LEFT arrow
Delete the next wordCTRL + DELETE
Move to the end of the current lineEND
Move to the beginning of the current lineHOME
Move to the end of the current fileCTRL+END
Move to the beginning of the current fileCTRL + HOME
Open file in new windowMark the tab of the window.
These are my favorite VS code keyboard shortcuts that I use regularly

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